Naomi’s music Diary 2024

20th January : Flying to Toronto!

It is -15 degrees, worrying about my instrument….

22nd January : The first rehearsal with Esprit Orchestra.

I met with my old friend from University time!

23rd January : Fire track stopped in front of the Hotel while I was maintenance my Sho.

It’s very cold here, as I worried, reed starts to have problems….

24th January : Concert with Esprit Orchestra.

Music by Misato Mochizuki, Unsuk Chin & Rita Ueda, great program!

25th January : Short day off

Went to see frozen Lake Ontario.

4th – 6th March : Rehearsal with Ensemble Cairn in Paris

4th March : Dinner with Composesr Sanae Ishida. Haven’t seen each other for about 10years?

7th March : Concert with Ensemble Cairn.

8th March : Nostalgic Paris Metro.

Had a recording session before going home.

24th March : Safely arrived in New York after very tough Visa application process…..!

25th March : Rehearsal with The Orchestra of St’ Lukes.

26th March : Azrieli Music Prize 10th anniversary Concert, Soloists and Composers Reunion.

27th : Day off, visited 911 Memorial Monument.

Deeply sad place.

28th March : AMP 10 concert in Lincoln Center.

Great that friend composer Ken Ueno came to our concert!

24th April : Clingendael Japanese Garden Open Ceremony

It was very cold….

27th April : Recording Session in Zurich. 13 Microphones are standing only for me…!

7th May : Visiting Leipzig for a Lecture in the University and Concert & Talk in Grieg hous.

with Professor Composer Bernd Franke







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